11 Incredible Foods You Didn’t Know Were Invented In Canada

In the era of candidates like Donald Trump, it’s nice to be Canadian…eh? Just take a look at our prime minister! We’re constantly praised for our maple syrup and our hockey. Not so much for our weather. But if you’re looking for a few more reasons to be a proud Canadian, take a look at our contributions to the world of food.

Here are 11 incredible food inventions all made in Canada:

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1. Poutine

This classic cheese, gravy and french fry combo was invented in Quebec in the late 1950’s.

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2. Nanaimo Bars

This bakeless decadent dessert is credited to the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia.

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3. Instant Mashed Potatoes

Edward Anton Maria Asselbergs just made your favorite side a whole lot easier to make. Skip the workout of mashing and enjoy a true Canadian thanksgiving in an instant.

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4. the California Roll

Vancouver chef Hidekazu Tojo invented this roll in attempts to get his local clients to enjoy his food. Because the most appreciation came from the Los Angeles tourists, the roll was named after California.

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5. Chinese Buffets

The Chinese cooks of gastown Vancouver invented the Chinese buffet to feed loggers and mill workers. They knew that one dish is never enough when it comes to Chinese!

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6. Peanut Butter

Soulmate of Jelly; peanut butter was patented in Montréal in 1884.

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7. Butter Tarts

Common in Canadian pioneer cooking, the butter tart is one of Canada’s most delicious and original recipes. The first recipe was found in Barrie, Ontario, recorded in the 1900s.

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8. Canola Oil

This popular cooking oil was first bred from rapeseed at the University of Manitoba.

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9. the Egg Carton

The Egg Carton was coined by a newspaper editor in Vancouver in 1911. He reportedly made the invention to settle a local dispute over broken eggs.

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Developed in Calgary, this famous cocktail spices up the Bloody Mary. It was reportedly invented as the signature drink for a new Italian restaurant in the city.

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11.Coffee Crisp

This delicious coffee and chocolate layered bar is marketed by Nestle Canada.

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