6 art events at Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue this month

If you’re looking for art and culture activities this month, here are six events to attend at Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue.

  • Museum of Migration

    The Museum of Migration and Memory workshop, on Aug. 25, involves carbon copy drawing and painting around the question: “How is a place changed when migrants leave?”

  • coffee bean

    The “Symbolism in the Coffee Grain” workshop on Aug. 27 will guide visitors to examine ancient, ritualized forms of reading earthly materials to access the future.

  • magical realism

    Presented by Canadian writer Zoe Patterson, this workshop on Aug. 27 will teach participants how to write a new character or story.

  • GenerativeHuman

    This Aug. 27 event, by Syria’s Sima Dance Company, will demonstrate, with a performance, how the body responds to digital art and NFTs.

  • DNA Sound Healing

    In this event, hosted on Aug. 28, participants will lie down, get comfortable and relax to the soothing sound of healing frequencies.

  • ‘What if Goats Die’

    The screening of director Sofia Alaoui’s film “What if Goats Die” will be on Aug. 28. The film tells the story of a young shepherd living in the mountains, who is forced to brave the snow to get food and save his cattle.

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