Agribusiness Researcher Makes Headlines on Food Prices

Dr. Simon Somogyi against a crimson background
Dr Simon Somogyi

Dr. Simon Somogyi, an agribusiness researcher at the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, spoke with several media outlets about food price inflation, vegetable oil prices and allegations of grocery price collusion.

Somogyi spoke to The Canadian Press tobut the latest inflation numbers that showed steep increases in the price of groceries. which also appeared in dozens of outlets including msn and City News Ottawa

He also spoke to The Globe and Mailand several CBCRadio stations across the country on the same topic.

In an interview with CBCNews, Somogyi discussed why vegetable oil prices have risen faster than other food prices.

Earlier in the week, Somogyi spoke with The Canadian Press to discuss the Metro grocery chain’s position on price freezing, after Loblaw announced it was freezing prices on its No Name brand. That article appeared in several publications, including Yahoo!Finance and PC24.

Somogyi, Arrell Chair in the Business of Food and professor in the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, researches agri-food value chain analysis and management and is one of the authors on the annual Canada Food Price Report.

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