Alexa Can Enable Santa Claus Personality for the Holidays

This holiday season, Alexa users can use Santa himself for free as a celebrity voice for the personal assistant.

How you first discovered it The edge, the ability to enable Santa’s voice is available and can be used by simply saying, “Alexa, enable ‘Hello Santa.’ Then the same cheerful man will step in and respond to questions and orders. This specific skill is also available for Canadian users.

Using Santa’s personality, Alexa users can stay in the holiday spirit by asking Santa to sing many of the Christmas carols. Some examples include: “Hey Santa, sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, “Hey Santa, sing the 12 days of Christmas” and
“Hi Santa, sing Deck the Halls.”

Also, Santa Claus will respond to seasonal commands like, “Hey Santa, tell me about your reindeer.” Others include, “Hi Santa, what is your favorite food?” and “Hello Santa, happy holidays.” In fact, many of the basic Alexa commands can be used with Santa’s personality. Santa Claus will respond when you ask him for a timer, tell a joke, and respond when you ask him to play a song.

Amazon confirms that Santa is compatible with most Echo devices, in addition to the first generation Echo and Echo Dot and wearables. Santa’s ability is not currently available on Fire TV and Fire Tablets either. Although that may change.

Amazon has endorsed many celebrity voices in the past, including Samuel L. Jackson, Melissa Macarthy, and Shaq. However, those are paid skills.

Update: Amazon just shipped iPhone in Canada a list of Alexa commands for Santa:

Hey Santa expressions to test (after enabling Hey Santa):

  • “Hi Santa, sing Jingle Bells.”
  • “Hi Santa, sing Up on the Rooftop.”
  • “Hello Santa, sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”
  • “Hello Santa, sing the 12 days of Christmas.”
  • “Hi Santa, sing Deck the Halls.”
  • “Hi Santa, tell me a story.”
  • “Hi Santa, tell me the news from the North Pole.”
  • “Hi Santa, sing karaoke.”
  • “Hi Santa, what is your favorite recipe?”
  • “Hi Santa, can you tell me about your sleigh?”
  • “Hi Santa, am I on the good or naughty list?”

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