All The Costs You Should Know Before Booking Paradise Island

If staying amongst gorgeous beaches is a dream, then visiting Paradise Island is totally worth it. Mostly dominated by the Atlantis resort, the beaches and gardens surrounding this striking island are magnificent. It is impossible to ignore Atlantis Resort when visiting Paradise Island, thanks to the myriad of attractions it boasts, ranging from beautiful casinos to top-notch restaurants to incredible underwater sharks and dolphins. The gorgeous tiny resort island is brimming with things to see and do. Vacationers can actually spend four or five days admiring its beauty. Here are all the costs you should know before booking Paradise Island.


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The Cost Of Visiting Paradise Island

The cost of visiting Paradise Island depends on how many vacationers are willing to stretch their wallets to have a good time in the Bahamas. The costs vary depending on the type of accommodation, several travel days, the means of transportation, and the planned budget.

The Cost of Transportation On Paradise Island

The average cost of airfare to Paradise Island is $596. Flights are most expensive in December, averaging $877, and become lowest in mid-late September, averaging $589. Wednesday is the most affordable day to fly into and out of Paradise Island. Vacationers from Canadian and US cities are just a short flight away from Paradise Island, and they can use Nassau Airport or the Lynden Pindling International Airport, which is one of the recommended airports.

  • The average cost of a flight to Paradise Island: is $596

It will cost a traveler an average of $38 to travel from Nassau airport to Paradise Island via a taxi, some of which are always situated.

  • Cost of taxis: $38
  • Duration:30 minutes

The fare from the airport to the island is based on two passengers. Vacationers in groups of more than two people will be charged for extra passengers and luggage. Water taxis are the best choice for travelers looking to enjoy the spectacular waterfront view of Nassau Harbor as they get to Paradise Island. Tickets for the ferry boats are available at Festival Place and Woodes Rogers Wharf.

  • The cost of tickets for water taxis: is $6
  • Hours of operation: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The Cost of Accommodation On Paradise Island

The cost of accommodation varies depending on the location, demand, and star rating. Prices range between $105 and $587, with the average being $383. Vacation rentals cost anything between $200 and $1,000. From quiet and isolated beachfront hotels to some of the most impressive resorts in the Bahamas, there are so many options for accommodation to choose from. Whether looking to enjoy the stunning views of the island’s gorgeous beaches or the sound of the ocean waves beautifully caressing the shore, the hotels in Paradise Island have everything one would look for. But hotels are much more affordable than vacation rentals because of the high cost of property on the island. With the right choice, travelers can spend the best holiday on the luxurious sand of this striking island.

  • The average cost of a three-star hotel in Paradise Island: is $165.73. Prices start from about $70
  • Cost of a four-star hotel: starts from $293

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the Cost Of Dining On Paradise Island

The cost of buying food from supermarkets in Paradise Island is definitely going to be costly. For instance, a liter of milk costs about $4, and an ordinary sausage goes for about $5. These prices are higher than in the United States. A typical fast-food meal is about $8, and coffee costs between $4-$5. A restaurant meal averages $20 for one person, $50 for two people, and about $90 at a mid-range restaurant.

  • The average cost of fast food: is $8
  • The average cost of a restaurant meal: is $20 per person.

Things To Do At The Paradise Island For Cheap

casino visit

It doesn’t cost travelers anything to get inside a casino except the money they will use to bet. The island boasts some of the coolest and most impressive casinos in the Caribbean. It would be a mistake not to explore one or two. One goes inside, watches people or puts some bets, and enjoys the games. One good thing about Paradise Island’s casinos is vacationers will always get free drinks throughout their stay. If visiting on a budget or on rainy days, visiting a casino is a top activity to consider.

Go Window-shopping

With some of the best resorts in the Bahamas, travelers will definitely find world-famous brands with shops around. If one is out of cash to spend shopping, it won’t hurt to look around and enjoy exploring the beautiful products in those stores.

wine and dine

Paradise Island has some of the best food eateries, and vacationers would want to taste something in one of them. Atlantis is one of the best places to start from. Go grab some cocktails along with appetizers and call it a day. One doesn’t have to spend a dime to enjoy a good meal either. It is important, however, to plan, as the resort’s food and drinks can be expensive.

The Cheapest Time To Visit Paradise Island

The most affordable time to explore Paradise Island is mid-late September. But Vacationers will have cheaper deals between January 1 and February 11. Early August through mid-December is also among the cheapest times to visit the island.

The Average Cost Of Visiting The Paradise Island

One person would spend between $273 and $526 per day, $1,908, and $3,685 per week. A couple would spend between $497 and $899 per day, $3,482, and $6,296 per week. A family vacation would cost between $876 and $1,654 per day, $6,132, and $11,578 per week.

Depending on one’s budget, this is what it will cost to explore Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

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