An Ultimate Guide of Whiskies in India

Whiskey, or whiskey, is a dark, distilled spirit made from a fermented mash of grains such as barley, corn, rye and wheat. The mix is ​​then aged in wooden casks. Originally used for medicinal purposes, whiskey (or whiskey) has eventually found popularity as a drink for all moods.

There are a variety of whiskeys, each different from the other based on where it is produced and the type of cereal grain used to make it. Types of whiskey are: Single malt, Rye, Blended, Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Tennessee, Canadian and Japanese.

The alcoholic drink can be one of the world’s costliest, with some rare bottles priced upwards of a million US dollars. The price of a whiskey bottle is determined by several factors, including type and age. Generally, the older they are, the higher the price tag they command.

This is your ultimate guide to whiskeys

Whiskey or whiskey: What’s the difference?


Whiskey, or whiskey, is produced in various styles, each different from the other. But how do we spell ‘whiskey’ — with or without an ‘e’?

Your guide to learning the differences between whiskey, rye, and bourbon

Whiskey or whiskey

Whiskey connoisseurs take great pride in knowing what goes into their drams. Know the differences between whiskey, rye, bourbon, and scotch.

10 best Asian whiskey brands to know about

japanese whiskey

From premium Japanese whiskeys to smooth pours from India and Taiwan, check out these Asian whiskeys brands that are high in demand.

14 best whiskeys in India to add to your home bar

India is home to many varieties of whiskeys that are available under different brands. This list will guide you to choose the best one for you.

8 tips you need to know before investing in whisky, according to an expert

Whiskey Hotel London

Instead of pissing it away, why not make whiskey work for you? A whiskey business expert provides the low down on what to look out for.

10 classic whiskey cocktail recipes to add an old-fashioned charm to your bar repertoire

Classic whiskey cocktail recipes

Got a bottle of the world’s most beloved golden-brown spirit at home? We round up a few classic cocktail recipes that let whiskey shine.

Father’s Day: Raise your glass to the main man with the best whiskeys

Best whiskey brands under Rs 1000 in India

Whiskey and fathers, one pairing that’s never going out of style. This is the list of the best whiskeys for Father’s Day to gift your dad.

Budget blends: Whiskey brands under Rs 1000 for your home bar collection

Best whiskey brands under Rs 1000 in India

If you’re in the market for something wallet-friendly for your nightcap, we’ve put together a list of the best whiskey brands under Rs 1000.

15 stellar whiskeys (and whiskeys) from Scotland, Japan, India and Australia


The great whiskeys and whiskeys, from Scotland, Japan, India, and Australia, listed alphabetically, are all worthy of space on your bar cart.

Is whiskey the drink for millennials? We spoke to Glenmorangie to find out


Move over wine, it’s whiskey and cheese pairings now. Here’s how millennials are drinking the dram, in a whole new world of whiskey.

Johnnie Walker whiskey to be served in paper bottles from 2021

Cheers to sustainability because Diageo, the world’s biggest spirits maker, started serving Johnnie Walker whiskey in paper bottles since 2021.

Whiskey tales: An Interview with Simon Brooking, International whiskey expert

Japanese Whiskey

Lifestyle Asian Indian met Simon Brooking, International whiskey expert and Beam Suntory’s Award Winning Master Scotch Ambassador to talk about all things whisky.

Use a whiskey brokerage service to invest in whiskeys instead of drinking it

Use a whiskey brokerage service to invest in whiskies, according to Murray Holdgate, general partner of Rare Finds Worldwide.

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