Canada Morning Brief: 8 Things You Need To Know For August 15

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Off The Top: Ontario’s political scene is abuzz after Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during a press conference.

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1. Canada’s House Prices Are Set To Fall — But How Far?

From February 2022 through December 2023, the average price of a home in Canada is expected to plummet by 23%, according to a recent report by Desjardins — toppling the previous estimate of a 15% drop. As Tristan Wheeler reports, the price tag shrinkage won’t be equal for all provinces; the biggest gainers during the pandemic — New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI — are expected to see the biggest drops in real estate costs. Get the full story here.

  • More Good News? Increased affordability in the housing market suggests the Bank of Canada could soon start easing its high-interest rates, which have been implemented to help rein in inflation.

2. Travel Here If You Want Your Cash To Go Further

With international flights as expensive as ever, vacationers should consider offsetting some of the costs by picking a destination where the Canadian dollar has tremendous buying power. In conversation with a currency expert, Helena Hanson pinpointed a number of countries with advantageous exchange rates. From well-travelled locales like Portugal and Italy to lesser-known travel gems, don’t skip this breakdown.

3. What To Know Before Camping In Banff

Before a recent trip to Banff, Charlie Hart hadn’t gone camping since a music festival back in 2016. Setting out into the mountains with nothing more than a $50 tent and a dream (and friends with enough camping experience to ensure she didn’t become a grizzly bear’s brunch), Charlie conquered one of her big 2022 summer bucket list items. It was an eye-opening experience. Read Charlie’s full review here — including what she wishes she knew before she set out.

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What Else You Need To Know Today

Kick off your shoes and relax your socks; today is National Relaxation Day. It’s also National Lemon Meringue Pie Day. Find out which Toronto restaurant’s lemon meringue pie made Madeline Forsyth’s list of 14 must-try desserts.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says check your pantries and fridges for these six recalled food items, including Crescent brand pastrami and turkey breast cold cuts to mini pizzas and hot dog rolls by Adonis.

If illegally blocking a bike lane with your parked vehicle sounds like high excitement, you’ll want to check out these job openings with Canada Post. Lisa Belmonte scoured the best gigs, from office jobs to current mail couriers, and you only need a high school education to apply.

While BC is home to Canada’s rainforests, the province’s interior can be as harsh as the American southwest. Ashley Harris recently visited the town of Osoyoos, which bills itself as “Canada’s only desert,” and here’s what surprised her about the arid outpost.

Don’t look up; Jennifer Lawrence turns 32 today. Joe Jonas is 33. Ben Affleck has now been circling the sun for half a century. As he turns 52, Black-ish’s Anthony Anderson can allow himself to feel birthday-ish. Melinda Gates is 58 (we’re still on for dinner tomorrow night, right, Mel?) Chef and author Julia Child was born on this day in 1912 — 110 years ago.

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