Canada’s Good Fortune Burgers offers work expenses hack

A fast food restaurant warned people not to get fired if they attempt to use this sneaky way to get their lunch for free.

A Canadian fast food joint released a genius hack to allow workers to expense their lunch by renaming their burgers.

Good Fortune Burgers, which is located in Toronto, updated their menu so their burgers were named after various office supplies.

Launching the tongue in cheek campaign back in February, the restaurant rebranded its eats with its Fortune Burger called the basic steel stapler, its diamond chicken burger referred to as the mini dry erase board, while fries came under the name of braided HDMI cord.

Meanwhile, the double your fortune burger was camouflaged as an ergonomic aluminum laptop stand, while people could build their own burger, which would appear on the bill as a silicone keyboard cover.

Even the drinks got a rebrand, with a bottle of Coke charged as a non-slip rubber mousepad, a ginger beer could be picked up as yellow lined sticky notes, while a San Pellegrino has been disguised ballpoint black ink gel pens.

“Imagine if you could expense office supplies that were actually burgers. Oh wait #DontGetFried #SorryBoss,” the burger joint wrote on Instagram at the time.

A listing on Uber Eats for the veggie burger read: “Been working through lunch or dinner? Grab this Emerald Veggie Burger, disguised as earphones, then expense it to the big man.”

Many loved the idea, describing it as “genius” and “brilliant”.

“Renaming your food items so they can be easily expensed when WFH. Well done Good Fortune Burger. I’ll have a side of black pens with my whiteboard please,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Some were concerned it could get staff in trouble if the hack was uncovered.

“Fun idea, in theory. I’m just not sure if it works. I don’t have an expense account, but I l kind of suspect that if I did, and it showed I was buying a laptop stand every week, my employers would probably have questions,” they wrote.

But Jon Purdy, Good Fortune Burger’s director of operations told BlogTO the campaign was merely playful and meant to put a smile on people’s faces.

“There’s no malice intended in it, it’s all just fun and games,” he told the outlet.


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