Canada’s Top Drive-Thrus Were Revealed & No, Tim Hortons Isn’t The Most Popular

If you’ve been picking up your fast food orders in your car instead of going in-store lately or for a while, a ranking of Canada’s top drive-thrus has been released and you might be surprised to find that Tim Hortons actually isn’ t one of the most popular options.

A report by, a UK comparison site, revealed what the most popular drive-thrus are across the country based on average monthly search volumes, search trends and population.

The results show that people in Canada search for “Starbucks drive-thru” more than anything else, making Starbucks the most popular in the country with an average of 33,100 searches each month.

Not only is the coffee chain a favorite for the country in general, but it’s also the top drive-thru for people in most major cities in Canada!

Starbucks tops the leaderboard in Toronto with an average of 6,600 searches a month and Calgary with an average of 2,400 searches a month.

Nationally, McDonald’s takes second place thanks to 14,800 searches for “McDonald’s drive-thru” on average every month.

While the fast-food chain isn’t technically the most popular in any city, it is tied for first with Starbucks in Montreal and each gets 880 searches each month on average.

It’s also the second choice of almost every major city in the country.

Coming in the last spot is KFC with 1,600 searches a month on average for “KFC drive-thru” in Canada.

When it’s broken down locally, KFC is also the third choice for 12 out of the 20 cities that search for drive-thrus the most in Canada.

Tim Hortons didn’t make the ranking at all and said that the reason for that could be fewer people searching for those drive-thrus because sales have apparently been decreasing!


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