What’s open, closed for Christmas in Peterborough

What’s open, closed for Christmas in Peterborough

Saturdays and Sundays are legal holidays for Christmas Day and St. Stephen’s Day, so most places will be closed, although shops may choose to open on Sundays, and most places will also close early on Sunday. Friday to Christmas Eve. The examiner will post on Friday but not Saturday. Here’s a look at the local … Read more

‘It’s next level’: Rare snack pop-up shop opens its doors off Locke Street

“A corner store for steroids.” This is how Nelson Haines describes his new pop-up Junkies Rare Snack Express. Located on the corner of Locke and Pine streets, the store is simple aside from the newly installed bright pink signage. You can’t see anything from the outside, but step in the door and your immediate junk … Read more

Vaccine-free Canadians banned from Government’s farmers market

Vaccine-free Canadians banned from Government’s farmers market

CALGARY: The Justice Center has sent the City of Fredericton a demand letter regarding its vaccinate-only policy at the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market. The New Brunswick government owns the iconic Farmers Market and rents it out to the City of Fredericton at a nominal rate. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms it applies, because … Read more

What are the best streaming services in Canada? Comparing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and more

Plan your screen time with the weekly What to Watch newsletter. Register today. Canada’s streaming landscape has only diversified further in 2021. Here’s how services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crave, and Apple TV + stack upSebastien Cote / iStockPhoto / Getty Images So has another winter come and you’re still not comfortable walking into … Read more

New Brunswick grocery stores aren’t banning the unvaccinated

About halfway through an hour-long Facebook live video denouncing coronavirus vaccines as the “death spell” and discussing the merits of whistling at anyone who asks you to wear a face mask, Melody Goddess Star took three deep breaths from her vaporizer. He then launched into a discussion about new COVID-19 security protocols in New Brunswick, … Read more

Sunny’s Chinese was just named Canada’s ‘best takeout.’ Now the chefs have a swanky, new Toronto restaurant

The first time David Schwartz traveled through Southeast Asia, many years before opening Sunny’s Chinese and the New Yorkville location Mimi Chinese (265 Davenport Rd.), He found himself gravitating toward the flavors of regions where food was most heavily influenced. by China. because they shared a border or because of a historical connection. The Toronto … Read more

Shoppers in B.C.’s Okanagan worry about food shortages amid floods, highway closures

With the interior of British Columbia now cut off from Vancouver due to flooding and the resulting road closures, the trucking industry has stagnated. As a result, the casual consumer who went out to buy some groceries on Tuesday morning was a bit surprised. “I was wondering why there were so many shelves with blank … Read more