Chinese food, favourite among Canadians, says meal kit company

Chinese cuisine ranked first on a list of Canada’s desired dishes as of Jan. 6, according to a report.

So much for meat and potatoes, it appears egg rolls and fried rice are among Canadians’ favorite dishes, according to a recent report released by a Canadian meal kit company.

Chinese cuisine ranked first on a list of Canadian’s desired dishes as of Jan. 6, 2022, followed by Thai, Indian, Italian and Korean food, according to analysis by Chefs Plate.

“The popularity of Chinese cuisine has been rising over the past decade, but it is in the past five years that it has nearly consistently topped online searches for international cuisines,” Chefs Plate said in a media release.

Chefs Plate explained that they used data from Google Trends to find the most popular international cuisines in Canada. Among various cuisines, including Italian, French, East European, Korean, Mexican, Portuguese, South American, Chinese, etc., Chinese took the top spot.

With the Year of the Tiger landing on Feb. 1, Chefs Plate also launched four Chinese dishes recipes – ranging from black pepper pork to honey garlic Asian chicken – to invite food lovers to give it a try.

For more information, visit Chefs Plate online.

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