Diva Q Crafts Perfect Barbecue With WhistlePig Whiskey

That’s pretty cool.

That was spectacular. I have been to Byron Bay a few times to teach in Australia. I have had the chance to go to the Northern-most brewery in Norway and teach barbecue and talk about barbecue. I have been honored a few times by St. Philip College in Texas for being… I’m a motivational speaker, as well, to young women and anyone entering fields that are non-traditional.

I see that there are so many captivating moments and there’s moments when you’re sitting there and somebody… I’ll be at Sam’s Club or Costco or whatever and it just happened a couple of days ago, again. I was literally at the St. Augustine Costco, for a grand opening. Somebody came up to me, recognized me from TV, and [was] like, “Oh my God, my daughter loves you. She’s in culinary school. She talks about you. She watches you. She stalks your Instagram page.” That’s awesome.

The guys overseas who I sent some books to, and things like that, are doing everything they can to protect our country and they wanted some help with barbecue. [It] has brought me to so many amazing places in the world and so many of those bucket-list moments where I’m standing there going, “This is a pretty damn cool life and I am grateful and I am thankful.”

Even on my worst days when I am tired and exhausted, and [have] worked an 80-hour week, which happens more often than I’d like sometimes, I have to remember how incredibly thankful I am. I won’t say blessed, though. I don’t say I’m lucky. I work too hard to be lucky, but I’m very thankful and grateful for the partnerships that I’ve been able to make.

I’ll give you [another] example … I was at WhistlePig for the very first time. If you’ve seen the elevation … Vermont [in the] fall is drop-dead gorgeous to begin with, because I live in Florida and everything’s the same color. We don’t change. We have no seasonal changes. I remember coming over the ledge, right before the valley where WhistlePig is, and it was this riotous explosion of colors.

[I saw] this beautiful red barn [and] I’m like… “This doesn’t suck at all. This is really cool.” I’m up there and the CMO, Jason, is there and we’ve got 12 different things to try. Those are the best pinch-me moments ever because you’re like, “This doesn’t suck at all.”

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