EDITORIAL: Cheers & Jeers from St. John’s, June 13

cheers: to good runs. The feel-good runaway hit Broadway musical, “Come From Away” — inspired by Gander’s generous response to the 7,000 airline passengers diverted to the town during 9-11 — is ending its run in October. As The Telegram’s Tara Bradbury reported last week, “By the time ‘Come From Away’ plays its final performance Oct. 2, it will be the 49th-longest-running production in Broadway history and the longest-running show in the 105-year history of the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater.” To all involved, take a bow.

cheers: to getting noticed. A big round of applause for Lori McCarthy and Marsha Tulk, whose “Food Culture Place: Stories, Traditions, and Recipes of Newfoundland” has won the 2022 Gourmand World Cookbook Award in the food heritage books category. Countries from around the world can only enter one book in each category, and “Food Culture Place” was Canada’s food heritage entry. Winners were announced June 4 at the Umeå Food Symposium in Sweden. Publisher Boulder Books says “Food Culture Place” takes readers on a year-long food journey, exploring “the wild foods of Newfoundland and the land it comes from, encouraging everyone to put more traditional foods back their plates.”

cheers: to warm welcomes. Earlier this month, SpiceX, a restaurant that serves Indian fusion food in St. John’s, tweeted a very kind offer to Ukrainian newcomers in the metro area: “Hello my Ukrainian friends, we are very excited to see you all here in St. John’s , NL To show our support and love to you all, we would love to welcome all of Ukrainian friends to my store get a free welcome meal this week. Just type SpiceX on maps and it will take you here #yyt”. Good food and goodwill — now that’s a winning combination.

cheers: to book binge-buying. It’s an annual event that gets book lovers’ adrenalin pumping — the Canadian Federation of University Women’s Great Big Book Sale is happening June 21-24 in St. John’s, at the Avalon Mall next to the Golden Phoenix Restaurant. There are thousands of books to peruse — many of them $2 or less — and some great finds to be made. Wear a mask and bring cash. Proceeds go to scholarships.

Jeers: to the same old excuses. The Newfoundland and Labrador government continues to drag its feet on pay equity legislation, despite having received clear evidence that there are women in this province being paid less than their male counterparts, even within provincial Crown corporations. Reasons cited for the delay include the cost, liability issues and the desire to get it right the first time. As Gerry Rogers, a former NDP MHA who fought hard for pay equity legislation during her time in the House put it, “It’s the right thing to do. We can do it. Other jurisdictions have done it. And the women of the province are watching.” Stop stalling.

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