Every Dish That Should Not Be Missed On Your Visit To Ontario

Canadian cuisine has a lot more than Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or Maple Syrup. As Canada has been colonized by the French & British, its influence is seen in its cuisine. A blended culture due to its mixed population, it has an eclectic cuisine. These are the few authentic Canadian Delicacies, whether you only have one weekend in this city or more.


The National Treasure Of Canada and staple food item is “Poutine”. A concoction of French Fries, Cheese Curd doused in Gravy with extra toppings of bacon or pork are the holy ingredients of Poutine. If one is seeking crispy exteriors, soft interiors indulged in steaming gravy, this food item will be a treat for their taste buds. The taste of Poutine is difficult to articulate but it has mashed potatoes with its gravy, cheese curds, fries and is loaded with calories.

Russet Potatoes are said to be the best for Poutine and cheese curds are peanut-sized lumps of fresh cheese having the essence of mozzarella. It is formed as the cream skimmed from water whey in the formation of milk. The authentic Poutine is deemed to use peppery meat-based gravy and has beef, chicken broth, the prominent Worcestershire sauce, cornstarch, cider vinegar, and spices. There are an array of Poutine options ranging from Vegetarian Poutine, Butter Chicken Poutine, Poutine Pizza to name a few.

History of Putin

The term “Poutine” has originated from Quebecois slang, ie “mess” and is pronounced as “poo-tin”. It originated at a local restaurant, “Le Lutin Qui Ruit” in the small town of Warwick, Quebec (1950).

Best Places To Try Poutine

  1. Whistle Stop CafeOntario: It has over 100 different types of Poutine and toppings ranging from Thai Rib, Polish Sausages, Taco, Cordon Bleu to name a few.
  2. La Banquise CafeMontreal Quebec: It is a 24-hour open restaurant specializing in Poutine with 30 different flavors.
  3. Nom Nom NomToronto, Ontario: The USP of this place is homemade curds and also a variety to choose from Red Potato Fries, Classic Quebec Style Gravy, Meat Toppings and so much more.
  4. Oddseoul – Toronto, Ontario: Wishing to try Korean Style Poutine? It’s a late-night eatery with Poutine having Korean twists. A tangy flavor, curried gravy, Kewpie, toppings, and cheese curds giving a treat.
  5. Kensington Burger Bar, Barrie, Ontario: Although the place is prominently for burgers, it serves excellent poutine. The homemade KBB gravy is the signature of this poutine with Yukon cheese fries, peameal bacon, cheese curds, and fried eggs.

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Heralded as the archetypal Canadian dish, they are not beaver tails literally but a fried dough pastry in Canola oil and topped with sweet or savory ingredients. It has a crispy, chewy, doughnut-like flavor. The classic toppings are Cinnamon, Nutella, maple cream, fruits, and chocolate hazelnut spread. The main ingredient is chocolate hazelnut spread. Although later, beaver tails have also been made in savory variations such as with Poutine and hot dogs. It can be found not only across Canada but also in USA, France, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and Japan.

History of Beavertails

The founder, Grant Hooker rose this recipe to fame who inherited it from his grandmother. The deep-fried dough is called “keekla” or “Kökle” in German, which means a “cake” peppered with cinnamon sugar, butter, jam, and honey. This legacy was brought to the public by the couple at Killaloe Craft & Community Fair with a change of dough in beavertail’s shape. Hence, the official name given to it was “Beavertails”.

Best Place to Try Beavertails

Beavertails By Ward Market is the flagship store for it. Back in 2009, President Barack Obama sampled the delicacy as well over here.


A traditional French Canadian dish, Tourtière is a meat pie peppered with spices and served around Christmas Eve or “La Reveillon” as referred to authentically. This scrumptious meat pie combines pork, chicken or Turkey, spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, mace and has a flaky, buttery crust.

Traditionally it was baked with the meat of rabbit, pigeon, moose and thus, it derived its name, Tourtière as “Tourte” means pigeon. Although, now the contemporary version of Tourtière only uses beef, pork, chicken, veal, or turkey as its main ingredients for meat.

History of Tourtière

Hailing back to the 1600s, Québécois settlers used to attend midnight masses on Christmas Eve and a grand feast used to follow after the same. It is deemed that Tourtière is a derivative of the British dish, “Cipaille” also known as Sea Pie. Tourtière has always been a staple dish since then and it continues to be a part of the heritage.

Best Places To Try Tourtière

  1. bannockToronto, Ontario: It serves traditional baked at home Tourtière, filled with pork, ground beef, and spices and is one of the best places for Tourtière
  2. Ma Maison: It is an award-winning place for classic Tourtière made with pork, Potatoes, nutmeg, and clove.
  3. Union: Inspired by Classic Parisian Bistro, this place serves Tourtière, sufficient for a group of four.
  4. Mabel’s Bakery: It’s a place prominent for traditional Tourtière, spiced pies, and Vegan Tofu Pies.
  5. Gerrard Street Bakery: Available for 7 days a week, its Tourtière is laced with Kinship Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple Syrup and is one of its kind.

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Butter Tarts

Quintessentially Canadian but rising to fame all over the world thereafter, Butter Tarts are pastries engulfed with butter, sugar, vanilla syrup, egg fillings, raisins, and nuts. The crust is delicate while the center is rich and creamy. It is filled with maple, caramelized-flavored custard filling.

History of Butter Tarts

The origin of Butter Tarts dates back to between 1663 and 1673 where young women were sent to Quebec from France by Louis XIV to help with colonization. Bringing traditional European recipes along with them, a precursor to the butter tart was baked. They became all the rage between the 1920s and 1930s.

Best Places To Try Butter Tarts

  1. The Maid’s Cottage: Securing the first position for “Butter Tarts” at “Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival”. This festival is home to all the classic bakers allowing tasting the best butter tarts.
  2. Maple Key Tart Co: The USP of this place is locally milled flour used to make butter tarts along with pecan, maple walnut, raisins, and a lot more.
  3. Bitten On Locke, (Hamilton, ON): The Special ingredient of their butter tarts is still a secret that sets them apart. Their tarts are made with lard and only plain raisin or pecan tarts are offered here.
  4. The Sweet Oven (Barrie, Ontario): Known for the highest quality Tarts and more than 20 flavors to choose from, Barrie Bakery is significant for handmade tarts. Not only do they have classic tarts but also chocolate chips, peanut butter, English toffee, and raspberry too.

Saskatoon Berry Pie

Saskatoon are purple-blue berries akin to blueberries and have a sweet, almond flavor.

Even though they grow throughout Canada, Prairies and British Columbia are the places where they are most prominent. This pie is often served with vanilla ice cream as dessert and the prime ingredients are the berries, pie crust, sugar, cornstarch, butter, and lemon zest. It has a sweet, earthy flavor with the essence of almond. This pie is high in antioxidants due to Saskatoon berries and a rich source of Vitamin C too.

Best Place To Try Saskatoon Berry Pie

berrybarn is the coveted place to try this dish where one can walk away reminiscing about flavors and great culinary experience.

Well, there are an array of other famous food dishes of Ontario but these ascended to the top five list of authentic Canadian Food.

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