F2F: Creating a local supply chain

‘Ethey’ is a new company that grew from the success of an existing venture called ‘LiveFit Foods.’

“Ethey is focused on more of your average consumer and somebody who cares about sustainability,” said Founder and CEO Nick Spina.

The sustainability comes from what is described as a closed loop system.

Local ingredients are used to create restaurant quality meals that are delivered nationwide, and then the scraps are also used according to Spina.

“We also work with a local worm farm where we deliver our food scraps into which the worms turn that into worm castings and that gets used for a variety of different positive uses,” he said.

This model has been the goal since starting LiveFit seven years ago, said Chef Matthew Agbetiafa.

He has worked along side Spina since the inception, and adds, “We’re going on year seven now. We’ve been able just to start off with a great idea and now bring it to fruition.”

The goal is to remove food waste from the landfill and Spina has made a goal of what that impact will look like.

“One billion pounds is what we’re going to achieve and we’ve got a path to get there. We say over the next 10 years, but you know, we’ll definitely be much sooner than that,” he said.

It is Agbetiafa’s job to create the dishes that customers will enjoy.

“We like to say we have a global skillet. So knowing that we have the ability to do anything and everything, from juicing, to baking, to cooking to roasting, so we like to be very innovative and what we can do so allows us to be very flexible and nimble in our cooking.”

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