Fact Check-Unvaccinated people in Canada can still shop in grocery stores

Social media users are falsely claiming that unvaccinated people are not allowed inside grocery stores in Canada.

Examples can be seen here and here.

An article by the Gateway Pundit (archived archive.ph/Eykf1) explains that the province of New Brunswick in Canada implemented “regulations to ban unvaccinated from grocery stores”.

However, the regulation set by the province here gives the following option for businesses and retail: “Open with physical distancing of 2 meters or can require proof of full vaccination 12 and older.”

There is no indication that Canada requires proof of vaccination for entry into grocery stores or that unvaccinated individuals are banned from entering. It simply gives the option for businesses to require proof of vaccinations when physical distancing is not possible.

Bruce Macfarlane, communications director for the Canada Department of Health, told Reuters via email: “New Brunswick’s Covid-19 Winter Plan limits retail businesses, including malls and grocery stores, to two options for controlling the spread of COVID-19, with either physical distancing of two meters between patrons, or requiring proof of vaccination of all patrons that are 12 and older.

“We expect that most retail stores, including those that sell essential goods and services, will continue to employ two-metres of distancing within their stores rather than expect proof of vaccination,” Macfarlane said. “The Government of New Brunswick has been in discussion with grocers across the province, and most have informed us that they will utilize distancing measures in lieu of proof of vaccination requirements.”


Missing context. New Brunswick offers grocers two options, to implement social distancing or require proof of vaccination.

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