Fantastico Pizza reno brings great new tastes

In 2018 when the previous owners retired, husband and wife Sherryl Goldwyn and Ben Abraham took over the beloved Fantastico Pizza. They kept the original recipes out of respect for the eatery’s established reputation and continued to prepare the universally accepted New York style.

Four and a half years later, the couple desired change. They wanted to give the interior an authentic mom-and-pop pizzeria feel, from the brickwork to the chalkboard menu. Ben and Sherryl, sharing their passion for food, also wanted to bring their customers new recipes and better pizza.

The timing was everything. The renovations were scheduled to take a couple of months, giving them the perfect opportunity to brush up on their culinary skills. They attended the FAEMA Culinary Academy in Toronto, where award-winning chefs like Dean Litster train and where this year’s famed Canadian Pizza Summit will be held.

During renovations, Ben and Sherryl also took time to tour pizzerias in New Haven and parts of the tri-state area, known for their outstanding Neapolitan-style pizzas, which is the direction that these foodies would be taking.

Neapolitan pizza is made with double zero flour imported from Italy; the most refined grind, similar in texture to baby powder.

The dough is kneaded from the center to create its trademark fluffy crust on the edge. Fantastico’s pies start with tomato sauce made from scratch, then are topped with colorful ingredients and cooked quickly with just a slight char around the edge.

Fantastico now offers 18 signature pies designed with care representing flavor diversity like the Sicilian, Pizza A Portuguesa, and For the Love of Greek. They offer vegetarian choices, a new dessert flatbread, and the option to design your own.

Their eye-pleasing pizzas with rich and colorful toppings, herbs and spices unfold like a symphony in your mouth. the Beautiful is not only beautiful, but one tastes the arugula first, then the sweet figs, the salty prosciutto and finally the creamy goat cheese. You enjoy each ingredient separately, but they work in harmony with one another deliciously.

Known to leave the crust edge on my plate and generally avoid this food entirely, I was curious enough to try what I was told was the best crust I would ever taste.

The crust is, in fact, light and like a cloud, which allows the toppings to be the star of the dish. I’m a new fan of Neapolitan-style pizza and of the wonderful flavors of pizzas that Fantastico offers.

The willow of the Princess Margherita with fresh basil offers a light finish. the Chicken Bruschetta I found to be delightfully aromatic.

Eating-in is an option with seating for 14 to 16 in this quaint little place. They’ve achieved a modern spin on an authentic-looking Italian pizzeria, including brand-new appliances.

Ordering from Fantastico is an experience, from the warm welcome of the owners and the friendly service of their young staff to the creative flavors of their pies. The eatery now offers a special menu for students.

All the pies are now prepared with recipes proudly created by Ben and Sherryl – with an intriguing selection of ingredients to please many palates.

You might say that’s fantastic!

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October 24, 2022


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