How Do You Use Trader Joe’s Ketchup Seasoning?

According to a Jan. 10 Instagram photo uploaded by Trader Joe’s enthusiast @traderjoeslist, this innovative seasoning is made of nearly the same ingredients in a standard ketchup bottle: onions, garlic, salt, vinegar, sugar, and, most importantly, tomatoes. Trader Joe’s similarly released a pizza seasoning around the same time, mimicking a powdered version of the Italian favorite (minus the cheese). These tangy blends retail for $2.99 ​​per jar and can be paired with any neutral-tasting snack.

Popcorn, potato chips, french fries — many salty finger foods can benefit from TJ’s ketchup seasoning. It can even work on more complex meals, such as mac and cheese. We don’t recommend dumping it on a hot dog or burger, though—sometimes, liquified ketchup just needs to do its thing. But it has to be said: Though powdered ketchup may seem revolutionary for Trader Joe’s, it’s actually been around for much longer. According to the Canadian Food Network, ketchup chips have been our northern neighbors’ national favorite since the 1970s and have since been translated to popcorn and homemade sliced ​​spuds.

Luckily, with the introduction of the Trader Joe’s blend, these chips can be similarly replicated and enjoyed in the States. The biggest plus? It can even bring back a homemade version of Spud Crunchies, one of TJ’s most beloved discontinued potato snacks. These can be made like regular french fries but should be double-fried to get that potato chip-like crunch.

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