Iconic gelato shop permanently closes after 55 years in Toronto

It’s officially the end of an era for one neighborhood-favorite gelato shop.

La Paloma, located at 1357 St Clair Avenue West, has been serving up some of the best gelato in Toronto since 1967.

For half a century, La Paloma has used the finest available ingredients to provide consistently great-tasting gelato prepared with authentic and traditional methods.

News of the shop’s closure circulated on a local community Facebook page, where patrons shared grief over the loss of the beloved gelateria.

“I just called the Woodbridge location and got the owner. I’ve confirmed that the St Clair and Yorkdale stores are closed for good-lease issues at both locations,” one person wrote. “The St Clair landlord died and the new owner wanted to raise the rent.”

Recent images show an “available” sign posted on La Paloma’s storefront by real estate brokerage, Spear Realty.

La Paloma offered ample seating and 75 delicious flavors including Ferrero Rocher, Italian Style Strawberry Yogurt, Chocolate Mint, Dolce Maria, and of course, the Classic Lemon.

The shop was a flavorful haven in the hot summer months, with a sea of ​​gelato tubs beautifully decorated on top in classic form.

“So sad, a lot of history there,” one person wrote. “Swim next door and ice cream after.”

If you’re in desperate need of a La Paloma gelato fix, they still have a shop open in Woodbridge, located at 200 Windflower Gate.

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