Kraft Dinner Pop-Up Kitchens Have Opened In Toronto & The Menu Is So Canadian

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the most Canadian thing you can order from UberEats, it’s a Kraft Dinner pop-up, yes, that’s the real thing and would probably be at the top of your list.

On Tuesday, the company known for its beloved macaroni and cheese, Canada’s unofficial national food, announced it will open KD Pep-Up Shops in Toronto and Etobicoke to combat the January blues.

“Need a pick up in January? KDone. Add some oomph to your front step with our limited-time KD Pep-Up Shop, providing convenience now through UberEats,” Kraft Dinner wrote in a tweet.

And if you’re thinking, why would I order KD from UberEats when I can make one of the 20 boxes I always have stashed in the back of my pantry? Well that’s because the menu is elevated.

The pop-up offers GTA residents the chance to eat KD like never before, with featured items like KD Tacos, KD Bacon Burger, KD Dog and KD Bites.

“KD stuffed buttered split bun topped with a grilled beef hot dog, finished with crumbled French fries,” reads the description for the KD Dog, which might just be the most Canadian lunch of all time.

But, it doesn’t end there. The menu also includes fancier options, including Chicken Carbonara Kraft Mac & Cheese, BBQ Pulled Pork Kraft Mac & Cheese, and Buffalo 3-Alarm Chicken Kraft Mac & Cheese.

As if that wasn’t enough to cheer us up, the pop-up also has a selection of delicious shakes including Oreo, Vanilla, and Cookies and Cream, to help you wash down your Canadian feast.


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