Making delicious meals from your food waste

Preparing vegetables often comes with leftover scraps, from carrot tops to celery ends. While it may be tempting to toss this food in the trash, one chef is sharing unique ways to make sure your grocery store purchases don’t go to waste.

“What we’re doing often is, we’re preparing the pretty parts of the vegetables and we’re throwing everything else away, which contributes, obviously, to landfill, carbon emissions, [and] this global climate crisis we’re facing,” chef Mark Brand told CTV’s Your Morning on Tuesday. “But also, you’re throwing away the vitamins.”

Brand is the founder of A Better Life Foundation, based in Vancouver. The organization works to divert grocery store waste from landfills, preparing more than 1,200 meals every day for those facing food insecurity.

Founded in 2012, A Better Life Foundation also promotes food literacy, helping to provide members of the community with the skills needed to prepare and enjoy healthy foods.

“Food is medicine,” said Brand. “It helps us feel just a better sense of well-being in general.”

Watch the full video with CTV’s Your Morning at the top of this article for Brand’s demonstration of how to make a delicious and nutritious soup while avoiding food waste.


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