Matty Matheson Swears He Can’t Live Without This Ingredient

As a culinary consultant, Matty Matheson is a big reason why “The Bear” receives praise for its accuracy, as he helped curate recipes and decide what food should be showcased in scenes with the main character, Carmy (Jeremy Allen White). But Matheson also told Mashed which ingredient is a staple in his own recipes: “Salt. Because it makes everything taste better.” It’s a fitting choice — salt and pepper is an iconic seasoning duo that will never fail to upgrade a meal.

Matheson added that “The Bear” has influenced his cooking in his everyday life, saying, “Everything adds to your culinary DNA, the whole experience of it.” Though most of his prior career he centered around French food due to his Canadian upbringing of him, the food connoisseur described learning about Italian-American food besides the show’s other culinary consultant, Courtney Storer, as a “really amazing thing.” If only we could be on that set ourselves to try out Carmy’s infamous Italian beef!

Though that may be only a dream for now, Season 2 has been confirmed and is set to come sometime in 2023. That means we’ll likely see more of Matheson soon — and maybe we’ll even catch some salt thrown into Carmy’s dishes on screen.

Head to Matty Matheson’s Instagram page to keep up with his current projects, or learn more about “The Bear” on FX’s website.

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