McDonald’s Adds New Baked Treat to Its Menu But There’s a Catch

Fast food lovers are getting treated to something sweet this summer at McDonald’s. The Golden Arches has made a new addition to its growing McCafé Bakery lineup, officially adding the new Strawberry Glazed Li’L Donut to the menu, though not every fan will have the chance to order it.

The Strawberry Glazed Li’l Donut is only being offered at McDonald’s Canada locations, where it joined the menu lineup earlier in June. The new mini donut features a light and fluffy yeast donut with creamy strawberry and vanilla flavored icing, according to Canadaify. McDonald’s Canada added on Instagram that the new donut “goes with everything.” The Strawberry Glazed Li’l Donut is available at participating locations across Canada for a limited time only. To celebrate the latest menu addition, McDonald’s Canada is inviting fans to pair their Strawberry Glazed Li’L Donut with a medium Premium Roast Coffee for just $2.39.

The new Strawberry Glazed Li’L Donut joins an existing lineup of Li’l Donuts in Canada. Already on McDonald’s Canada menus are the Cinnamon & Cream Li’l Donut, Apple Fritter Lil’ Donut, Strawberry Jelly Li’l Donut, Sprinkle Li’l Donut, Maple Caramel Li’l donut, and Boston Cream Li’l Donut. The Li’l donut line was first introduced back in summer 2020 after having been trialled in select markets the year prior, narcity reported at the time.

Although Li’l Donuts have yet to make it to the US, stateside McDonald’s customers haven’t been left disappointed. Back in May, the beloved fast food chain brought back the fan-favorite Glazed Pull Apart Donut, which was pulled from menus shortly after its release back in September 2021 as a limited time item. The unique donut features a cluster of seven light and airy donuts that can easily be pulled apart and are coated in a delightful, sweet glaze. Although the Glazed Pull Apart Donut has once again retired from the menu, guests can still order any of the other pastry items on the menu, such as the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll.

McDonald’s McCafé first opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia in 1993. Since that initial opening, it has expanded to a number of countries, with the menu now boasting lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, blended ice frappes, and smoothies as well as select food items . McCafé coffees including lattes, cappuccinos and mochas were added to the US national menu in 2009. The beloved fast food chain expanded the McCafé with the introduction of the McCafé Bakery lineup in October 2020.


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