McDonald’s Christmas menu for 2021 is finally here

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  • McDonald’s Christmas menu for 2021 has finally been unveiled and is on its way, featuring two burgers and a slew of cheese.

    McDonald’s Christmas Menu will be available for six weeks starting November 17 and there are a variety of fast food holiday treats that are making a return by popular demand.

    With supermarkets beginning to stock shelves with the best Christmas food for 2021, the country’s favorite food chains have started to do the same, with Nando’s Christmas menu and Costa’s Christmas menu having been revealed.

    Now Maccies has unveiled its Christmas menu, which includes two new burgers to get you in the holiday mood.

    To accompany McDonald’s official Christmas drink menu, the beloved Big Mac creator is releasing a new Festive Stack and Festive Crispy Chicken, plus a chocolate-filled Celebrations McFlurry, a cheesy fried treat, and a truly festive cake.

    New Festive Crispy Chicken features traditional cranberry sauce, sage and onion mayo, bacon, red onion, lettuce, and cheddar cheese. It costs £ 4.89 alone or £ 6.39 as part of a meal, although costs will vary depending on where you are in the country!

    In a glazed brioche bun, the Festive Stack comes with two meat patties, red onion dip, cheese sauce, bacon, white and red onions, lettuce, and cheddar cheese; Better yet, it will only cost you £ 6.39 for a meal.

    As part of its Christmas menu, McDonald’s will also bring back its Cheese Melt Dippers. Die-hard fans will remember the Camembert dippers breaded with a delicious tomato sauce, which come in a box of four for just £ 1.89, or a sharing box for £ 5.09.

    Even though the collection has some exciting new additions, Chicken Legend fans will be disappointed as it was temporarily removed from the menu until January to make room for holiday treats.

    Other menu items, including the Double Big Mac, Mozzarella Dippers, and Crunchie McFlurry, are being phased out to make way for newer items.

    McDonald’s has also added some treats to its menu that rival traditional Christmas pudding, including the new Celebrations McFlurry and the return of the Christmas cake – yum!

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