McDonalds Proposal Gone Wrong: Hilarious Post Leaves Internet In Splits

Burgers, pizzas, sandwiches French fries and whatnot – fast food has become a popular choice for dining out across the globe. Eating fast food is not just an option, but a form of comfort food for us now. Fast food chains assure us of proper quality meals that are ready in a matter of minutes. But often, these meals can go wrong too! Recently, a McDonald’s customer in Canada placed an order for a meal from the burger chain via the popular application DoorDash. He was surprised to find that the meal was not what he ordered, and in fact, there was a proposal hidden in the meal. Take a look at the hilarious post which has now gone viral:

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The post was shared on the sub-Reddit r/mildlyinfuriating by user u/Xagreuss. It has gone viral ever since and received over 41k upvotes and thousands of comments. “So I ordered McDonalds via DoorDash and found this in the bag. Not only did the DoorDash driver get my order wrong, but I think he messed up some poor dude’s plans,” wrote the user in his Reddit post. In the photo, we could see an order from McDonald’s with a small paper slip with it that read, “Will you marry me, Kim?” The order got mixed up and reached the Reddit user when it was actually intended for someone else.

The funny post left Reddit users in splits. Many shared their reactions and comments to the McDonald’s proposal that got misdirected by accident. Some people felt the McDonald’s proposal was actually not a good idea in the first place. “Driver did him a favor honestly. What a terrible way to propose,” said one user. Another agreed, “Maybe it’s for the best. He should come up with a better plan.”

Take a look at the reactions to the post:

Recently, another video of a McDonald’s proposal had surfaced online. A man decided to propose to his girlfriend in the middle of a busy day while ordering at the burger chain. What happened next was quite unexpected.

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