New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival back with special guests for 2022

The New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival is back for 2022. Photo/ Unsplash

There will be over 250 talented artists ready to tattoo at the 2022 New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival.

Organizer Brent Taylor says with the two-day festival celebrating its 10th birthday, they wanted to make it the best event ever seen, and have invited some special guests to do so.

“This year we have New York tattooist Rose Hardy who featured on the Netflix show Tattoo Redo.”

Rose isn’t the only famous tattoo artist at the festival, with Ink Master star Erin Chance also attending the festival.

“Erin was on Ink Masters. A lot of people watch tattoo reality shows so having them is definitely a big drawcard. Both Rose and Erin are very skilled tattooists so it’s amazing to have them for the festival.”

As well as having Rose Hardy, there will be other international artists as well as New Zealand artists.

“We have over 70 American tattooists coming as well as artists from Australia France, Spain, Austria, Canada and England. We have quite a bit of the world attending which is exciting. Over half of the tattooists are international and we also have homegrown talent as well.”

Brent says after having to cancel the event due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is a relief to be able to host the festival again.

“We’ve missed the past two years because of Covid-19 so being able to run the event and finally celebrate our 10th birthday is amazing. The artists are excited to be back and the public is excited for the event which feels good that people are stoked for the festival to be running.”

As well as seeing talented tattoo artists perform live, Brent says there will be FMX and BMX bike shows, live music, food and stalls.

“The Upbeats are a massive New Zealand drum and bass DJ duo that will be performing at the event. They play at New Zealand’s biggest festivals. EMWA and Head Like A Hole will be performing as well.”

As well as performing, Head Like A Hole’s lead singer will be tattooing at the event.

“That’s pretty cool, people will hear them perform and as well could receive a tattoo from one of the band members.”

He says the festival is a cheap day out, with plenty of entertainment.

“It would normally cost upwards of $70 to see the Upbeats, and to also see BMX, FMX and over 250 tattoo artists for $30, it is quite cheap. It’s about making the festival accessible to people.”

What: 2022 New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival.
When: Saturday, November 26, 11am-10pm, Sunday, November 27, 11am-7pm.
Where: TSB Stadium, New Plymouth.
Tickets: Tickets are available via Ticketek. All tickets purchased for the 2021 festival are valid for this year’s event.


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