Ocean Wise targeting plastics in food and beverage industry

Canadian organization Ocean Wise has launched a new initiative to help remove what it calls unnecessary plastics in the food and beverage industry.

The Plastic Reduction Program is launching during Waste Reduction Week (October 17 to 24) and will help businesses identify unnecessary plastics in an organization’s supply chain, while implementing an achievable plastic reduction plan.

In a release for the launch, Ocean Wise stated that the world’s top five biggest plastic polluters are food and beverage businesses, and that in Canada six of the 12 most commonly found types of litter on marine and freshwater shores are related to food and beverages.

Ocean Wise calls the issue urgent and says it’s predicted that Canadians’ use of plastics will balloon to more than six-million metric tons by 2030.

“The Ocean Wise Plastics Reduction Program is an opportunity for businesses to access our expertise and take direct action to reduce the use of unnecessary plastics,” said Jeff Wint, manager of the Ocean Wise Plastics Reduction Program.

“We can help businesses achieve tangible change, like swapping required plastic packaging for an alternative material,” he said.

Ocean Wise hopes to sign up 250 businesses across Canada over the course of the campaign and in time for Waste Reduction Week next year.

“The statistics on plastic pollution paint a dark future for our ocean, and collaboration is necessary if we’re going to improve ocean health,” said Lasse Gustavsson, Ocean Wise president and CEO.

“Through the Ocean Wise Plastic Reduction Program, we’ll work hand-in-hand with food and beverage businesses to help turn off the plastics tap,” said Gustavsson.

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