Nearly 600,000 people accessed Ontario food banks in a year: report

TORONTO – Use of food banks in Ontario increased 10 percent in the first year of the pandemic to the highest levels since the recession, according to a new report. Nearly 600,000 people made more than 3.6 million visits to food banks in Ontario between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021, according to an … Read more

Why Canada’s food inflation may get worse before it gets better – National

When it comes to food prices, Canadians can have an expensive winter. Canada’s inflation rate hit 4.7 percent in October, the fastest rate increase in nearly 19 years. Food inflation for the month stood at 3.8 percent, but as the growing season ends in Canada and the United States for many types of fresh produce, … Read more

Sunny’s Chinese was just named Canada’s ‘best takeout.’ Now the chefs have a swanky, new Toronto restaurant

The first time David Schwartz traveled through Southeast Asia, many years before opening Sunny’s Chinese and the New Yorkville location Mimi Chinese (265 Davenport Rd.), He found himself gravitating toward the flavors of regions where food was most heavily influenced. by China. because they shared a border or because of a historical connection. The Toronto … Read more

Shoppers in B.C.’s Okanagan worry about food shortages amid floods, highway closures

With the interior of British Columbia now cut off from Vancouver due to flooding and the resulting road closures, the trucking industry has stagnated. As a result, the casual consumer who went out to buy some groceries on Tuesday morning was a bit surprised. “I was wondering why there were so many shelves with blank … Read more