‘Prices are ridiculous,’ Rising cost of groceries

Grocery shoppers in Barrie are feeling the pinch and searching for deals where they can.

“Prices are ridiculous,” said Heather Vent as she left a local grocery store.

“But if you look at the front page of the flyers, you can get some good deals, and that’s the way you have to shop from now on,” she added.

The Canada Food Price Report released Thursday forecasts a five to seven per cent increase in 2022, meaning it will cost a family of four nearly $1,000 more to put food on the table.

Leading the price hike are dairy products, bakery goods and vegetables.

The rising prices have a significant impact on young families and seniors.

“We’re on a fixed income, and with groceries going up, you have to be really very careful what you spend,” noted Barrie resident Paula Drake.

Inflation, supply chain delays, as well as labor shortages brought on in large part by the pandemic are driving costs to record levels.

According to the report, the average Canadian family spends around $14,000 on groceries each year.

Meanwhile, the Barrie Food Bank reports its highest number of clients ever recorded, with over 1,100 accessing its services last month.

“We’ve seen over a hundred new clients coming in over the last month or so,” said Barrie Food Bank executive director Sharon Palmer.

The food bank is roughly halfway to its $250,000 holiday goal to support more individuals and families than ever before.

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