Rant & Rave: Misplaced rental bikes, scooters cause big obstacles

RANT to people who leave rental bikes and scooters in parking spaces and in the middle of bike paths. This is inconsiderate to drivers seeking out the fast-disappearing available parking, and to others who are using bike paths, not expecting big obstacles.

RAVE to a motorcyclist on Aurora Avenue North. I stopped at a light in my classic convertible only to have a loud motorcyclist stop next to me. I covered my left ear and after seeing this, she killed her engine from her. The light changed, she hit the starter, waved and was gone. Thanks.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire this year, which has become our very own Fyre Festival. Organizers massively oversold the entire weekend with no cutoffs or refunds, resulting in the town of Bonney Lake being gridlocked with thousands of idling cars for two days. Those even with pre-purchased tickets waited four-plus hours to get through the gates, only to find the event wildly overcrowded, food sold out, no shade and people passing out from the heat. Zero communication, just pure chaos. Rave to the considerate people who warned us to turn back while we could, allowing us to salvage our Saturday.

RAVE to Sea-Tac Airport and its wheelchair-assistance programs. Recently, my sister-in-law needed help navigating from the curbside drop-off to her departure gate (she fell while visiting us and is still recovering). The complimentary wheelchair-assistance program came to the rescue. Just as advertised, when we got to the airport, we called the phone number, gave our location and within minutes, a smiling, friendly representative appeared with a wheelchair, whisking my sister-in-law to the ticket counter, where her airline, who knew of the situation, had a wheelchair and guide at the ready to take over helping sister-in-law through security and arriving at her gate. This was a tremendous service to our family. Thank you so much for being such wonderful ambassadors for our community.

RANT to the Mariners. We attended a Mariners game for the first time in a while and were really shocked at the decibel level in the stadium — and at how many children weren’t protected with sound-reducing earphones. When did going to a ballgame become a danger to your hearing?

RAVE to the creators and custodians of the Burke-Gilman Trail and the Highway 520 pedestrian/bike passage. A wonderful amenity under our noses we should always be thankful for.

RANT to political advertisements. TV ads are still running after the primary election is over. Are we going to be subjected to these ads for the next three months until the general election?

RAVE to those who pick up our garbage as well as those who organize the collections here in Ferndale. When the snow was a foot deep, these men put the empty container next to my garage door. They are here rain or shine. Most recently I had a huge amount of recycling cardboard stuff, put it out and crossed my fingers that the nasty high wind would not blow it from here to kingdom come. Not only were they on time, they took away every scrap and left the empty containers neatly stacked. They should be so appreciated!

RANT to the city of Seattle for not marking where wheelchair ramps are on the sidewalks. If you can’t put down those yellow squares, at least please paint them. I’ve had many rollovers from not being able to see what’s ramp and what’s curb.

RAVE to the Canadian border officer at the Peace Arch crossing in Blaine who instead of scolding me for my inability to register for the redundant ArriveCAN form on my computer, acknowledged my paper documentation of proof of a recent negative coronavirus test and proof of full vaccination and two booster shots, and it took the 10 seconds necessary to register me at her station.

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