Sudbury Indie Cinema to host 75 minutes of cat videos on the big screen

Cat lovers in Sudbury, Ont., will have an excuse to watch 75 minutes of funny cat videos on the big screen thanks to CatVideoFest 2022.

Sudbury Indie Cinema is hosting the feline film festival on two dates – Saturday, Aug. 13 and Sunday, Aug. 21.

Miranda McLeod, Sudbury Indie Cinema’s theater manager, said she heard about the festival when she saw an independent movie theater in Chicago was hosting it.

“So I reached out to the distributor and I was able to get in contact,” she said. “And so now we are part of this festival and I hope to bring it back next year as well.”

The festival features fan-submitted cat videos someone might normally find on YouTube or social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

“I think it’s just going to be just a fun hour of just seeing different silly videos on the big screen,” McLeod said.

“I think kids are really going to enjoy it. I’m bringing my nieces and nephews and some family to see it, but also if you’re a cat lover, I think it’s just going to be a fun event to come out to .”

McLeod said the movie theater has already pre-sold a lot of tickets for the screenings, which “usually doesn’t happen.”

The festival will also serve as a fundraising event for Small Things Cat, a Sudbury-based animal rescue organization.

A portion of ticket sales will go to the organization, and movie-goers will be encouraged to donate more if they wish.

Small Things Cats will also share photos for some cats they have up for adoption.

“I was super excited when they reached out to us,” said Rebecca Rock, a board member with Small Things Cats.

“It’s come at a great time for us. We were looking at fundraising, so this is perfect timing.”

If people wish to donate items, Rock said they always need cat food and litter.

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Our feline friends are having their moment to shine on the big screen this weekend. The Sudbury Indie Cinema is hosting a Cat Video Fest, and the cinema’s manager Miranda McLeod tells us all about it.

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