The best Google Street View secret off-street locations

Google Street View is celebrating its 15th birthday – can you believe that? Over the years, Google’s on-the-street service – which you can activate by dragging that little orange human in Google Maps onto the streets – has presented to public with over 10 million miles of imagery from the planet’s road systems.

But that’s not all: Street View has also dished out plenty of special tie-ins – from the Batman Versus Superman Batcave walk-through (no longer active, sadly) to a whole host of other oddities – including a batch of off-road secret specials that we’ll deliver into below. Here are the best Google Street View and Google Earth special off-the-road secret locations:

1. To outer space!

Google Street View off-street secret locations

(Image credit: Google)

Not only does Street View allow you to zoom in and out. and in – and then literally into – one of NASA’s spaces at the Kennedy Space Center, it’s gone further afield too. Quite literally off the face of the planet.

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