The Rustic Oatcakes You’ll Find Across Nova Scotia

According to The Spruce Eat’s recipe, the first step to making oatcakes is to combine all the dry ingredients into a bowl and massage the butter into them. Once water is added to the mixture, a sticky dough will form.

The dough gets rolled out and cut into smaller circles, rectangles, or triangles. Any shape will do! The pieces get baked until golden — but keep in mind the length you bake them determines if they will emerge chewier or much crunchy. So, bake knowing your preferences ahead of time.

If you’re not keen on making your own oatcakes at home, don’t worry. You can find oatcakes all over the province, from being fresh-baked in a local bakery to designated in to-go packages in grocery stores, as per Tourism Nova Scotia. They’re very popular, so finding your own to try shouldn’t be too hard.

Ideally, your oatcake can be paired with a hot cup of coffee or tea (we encourage dunking, always). Other varieties, as Tourism Nova Scotia points out, come drizzled with peanut butter or dipped in chocolate for that perfect sweet and salty combo. Fruit and butter are also common toppings. Whatever your oatcake preferences — whether chewy or crunchy, sweet or savory — we hope you partake in this Northern foodie experience.

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