Toronto food blogger claims she found a foreign object in an Osmow’s shawarma wrap

A local food blogger allegedly got a little more than what she paid for when she chowed down on a chicken shawarma wrap earlier this week.

Instagram user and foodie Jin (last name withheld) claimed she was an unearthed foreign object, possibly metal while eating a shawarma purchased from the Osmow’s on Woodbine Avenue in Markham.

She shared this alleged find on her Instagram account, alerting her followers to the discovery and also messaged blogTO about it as well.

“I’ve recently found a foreign object in the chicken shawarma! Please check your meals carefully before consuming,” read the post.

The image showed a metal-looking round object, with a piece of chicken shawarma stuffed in the middle.

How this circular little guy could’ve ended up in the wrap is unknown; It could have been passed via ingredients purchased from food suppliers.

The blogger alerted Osmow’s to the issue through their website contact form, but aside from one missed call, there has been no further communication from Osmow’s in response to or to remedy the issue.

Jin also shared with blogTO a response from Toronto Public Health who informed her that an inspection of the Osmow’s location was conducted on January 17 – the same day she reached out to blogTO. Jin has noticed that she hasn’t yet followed up with the health inspector but confirms that Osmow’s has yet to contact the concerned patron.

As for blogTO, I reached out to the Middle Eastern chain in various ways including their contact form, multiple emails to their marketing team members, and even an Instagram DM, but didn’t receive a response.

Though there is no concrete answer on how this happened, thankfully nobody was hurt in the process.


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