T&T Supermarket new Quebec store will be chain’s largest in Canada

Montreal TT Image 2

The first T&T Supermarket in Quebec, which the chain announced last December, will be the largest T&T store in the country at 6,500 sq m (70,000 sq ft) and will be located in Saint-Laurent, Que. The new store will open at the end of 2022.

“Since we announced our plans, honestly it has been so uplifting to hear all the excited shoutouts,” says Tina Lee, T&T Supermarket CEO. “I want to thank all the customers who reached out to us to extend a warm invitation, and who gave helpful suggestions on where we should locate our new store. This customer feedback gave us confidence that we would attract customers from all around the city, so it is important that we have great highway access.Selecting this particular building also meant that we could give customers in the Greater Montreal area the best T&T shopping experience we know how to offer.300 Sainte Croix, will not only be the biggest Asian supermarket in Montreal, it will be the biggest T&T Supermarket in all of Canada. Customers that live in Montreal who can’t wait to try T&T products, don’t have to wait. We already service Quebec with our online ordering platform* and since launching the site, Quebec has been one of our top mail delivery destinations.”

Quebec’s first T&T Supermarket will be located in a former Loblaws store, just North of Highway 40 and close to Highway 15 and Highway Décarie. The store was expected to open earlier in 2022, but the business wanted to extend its commitment to the vaccination clinic currently set up in the location in order to support the vaccination effort.

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