Two brand new items are arriving. In Canada.

What is it with Burger King Canada? Do they have a score to settle with the United States? Did we do something to upset them? Are they still angry about all those Canada jokes at Robin’s expense in How I Met Your Mother?

Because over the last year, the Home of the Whopper that resides north of the border has been introducing one new and innovative item after another. Meanwhile, the fast food fans down south are stuck with the same menu day in and day out.

Just in the last few months Burger King Canada has introduced a new Southwestern King Burger and the Franken Whopper. If you remember, that’s a Whopper topped with onion rings and french fries. That one still hurts a bit if I’m being honest.

Doesn’t seem all that fair, does it?

Two new Burger King menu items that Americans won’t be able to enjoy.

Now, according to the folks over at our arch rivals Chewboom, Burger King Canada is announcing a pair of new menu items that are sure to grab the attention of American fast food lovers everywhere. One is a new spin on the classic chicken nuggets, while the other gives us a spicy update to the popular King Burger.

The first are the new Dill Pickle Chicken Nuggets, which any fan of chicken sandwiches should love. It takes white-meat chicken nuggets, combines them with dill pickle slices, dips the whole thing in batter and then fries them up until golden brown.

The other is a new version of the King Burger, the Peppercorn King. It includes a flame-grilled quarter-pound patty topped with bacon, cheese, crispy onions and creamy peppercorn sauce all between the halves of a Whopper bun. And if that’s not enough for you it also comes in a double to satisfy your appetite.

Two brand new items that sound incredible and they’re only available in Canada for a limited time. Which means if you want to try either one you need to grab your passport and head out on a road trip as soon as you can. Because until Burger King America get’s its collective act together, we’re all going to have to just be happy hearing about all the cool new items available in Canada.

What do you think Guilty Eats Nation? Do either of the new items at Burger King Canada sound like something you’d enjoy? Leave a comment below and let us know or join the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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