Weather forecast: Rain expected in the Maritimes this week

A mid-Atlantic low-pressure system that contains the remnants of what was once Hurricane Ian will bring some rain and showers to parts of the Maritimes Wednesday.

A slow moving low-pressure system containing the remnants of Ian will push some rain and showers towards the Maritimes mid-week.

The center of the stalled low continues to spin just off the northeastern US seaboard. A weather front off the low is expected to extend northward and just off the Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia. That front will build in rain and showers for that province on Wednesday, bringing a chance of showers to southern New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Wednesday evening and night.

Intermittent rain and showers will build into western Nova Scotia Wednesday morning and afternoon. Showery conditions will reach eastern Nova Scotia, and possibly southern New Brunswick and PEI, later in the day.

The most rain is expected in Halifax County and western Nova Scotia, where totals by Thursday morning could reach 5 to 15 mm. Showery conditions in eastern Nova Scotia, southern New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island could give trace amounts of rain up to a local 2 to 5 mm.

Wind shouldn’t be much of an issue with the periods of wet weather as easterly gusts should top out 20 to 40 km/h Wednesday into Thursday morning. The low is expected to clear to the northeast of the Maritimes Thursday evening and night, taking remaining showers along with it.

Generally, light precipitation is expected for the region out of this system. Some totals in western Nova Scotia are expected to reach 5 to 15 mm by Thursday morning.

The increased cloudiness and wet weather will take the nip out of the air that the start of October has had during the nights and mornings. It is still going to be chillier for northern New Brunswick Wednesday night as the sky remains on the clear side for that part of the region.

In fact, northern New Brunswick will have sunnier conditions compared to the rest of the Maritimes on both Wednesday and Thursday, with some high temperatures reaching into the low 20s. Southern New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia can expect high temperatures in the mid-to-high teens on both days due to being cloudier and contending with intermittent rain, drizzle, and fog.

Looking for more October sunshine Wednesday? Northern New Brunswick will be the sunniest part of the region with some high temperatures reaching into the low 20s.

A cold front arriving on Saturday will bring a brisk northwest wind behind it sending temperatures down again on the weekend.

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