Wendan enters a prolific period in Taiwan, targeting Canada and other countries

During the peak production period of Wendan, Taiwan’s top ten production areas are about to harvest after mid-August, and the output is expected to reach 70,000 tons this year.

Last year about 4,821 tons of Wendan were sold to the Chinese mainland, but the mainland recently announced a ban on the import of citrus from Taiwan. The Agricultural and Food Administration pointed out on the 11th that it will increase the processing capacity and export to Japan, Canada, and other countries, work with the FamilyMart convenience store to promote local agricultural products and send Wendan gift boxes directly to celebrate the Mid- FallFestival.

On the 11th, the Agricultural Committee of the Executive Yuan held a pre-order activity of Wendan at the top ten production areas with the theme “See Good Autumn with Grapefruit“, and joined hands with the FamilyMart to pre-order and sell domestic Wendan in 4,000 stores. Jincheng Huang, vice chairman of the Committee of Agriculture, said that Taiwan is in the Wendan season, and the output of the top ten production areas is expected to reach 70,000 tons this year.Due to the short time between the Wendan production season and the Mid-Autumn Festival, coupled with the mainland’s current ban on imports, it is necessary to create a more diversified Wendan market and support farmers.

Zhongyi huhdirector of the Agriculture and Food Administration, pointed out that 4,821 tons of wendan were exported to the mainland last year, and this year it is necessary to turn to domestic marketing and increase the volume of processed Wendan from 1,000 tons last year to 5,000 tons this year. In terms of export sales, due to the shorter time, it is expected that 1,000 tons of Wendan will be sold to major markets such as Hong Kong, Canada, and Japan, and the total sales will be more than the volume sent to the mainland market.

hongcheng Lindirector of the fresh food and fresh conditioning department at FamilyMart, said that FamilyMart has long used the power of channels to support local agriculture and continues to assist farmers in selling products through 4,000 offline stores, online membership APP, and e-commerce platform ” Family Mart.”

For the first time, the single-pack and peel-free boxed fresh-cut Wendan grapefruit will be introduced to provide convenient choices to consumers, and it will be listed in the entire Taiwan store market from August 24.

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