Weyburn River Park displaying festive Christmas lights

Weyburn’s River Park currently houses a ‘sparkling’ display of holiday lights.

This is the third year the exhibit has been held and according to Weyburn’s Executive Director of Tourism Larry Heggs, each year in a row it just gets bigger and more impressive.

“The screen improves every year, many organizations and companies remain the same, but the screens get better and better, they add to them continuously,” he said.

The lights are a marvel for all and each one of the ages, but they can especially attract the attention of the youngest.

“I think one of the most exciting things for kids is all the bright colored lights,” said Jewell Vanstone, park attendant. “And this is really spectacular and we can walk if we want to and the children can come closer,” he said.

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Light displays include the Grinch, a carving of the Jamaican sled team from ‘Cool Runnings’, and of course the jolly old Saint Nick himself.

The common theme among all attendees was to have a good time and have fun in the park.

“I spoke to a lady today, who said that between her and her granddaughter last winter, they probably easily walked around the lights 50 times. So everyone enjoys them when they see them, ”Heggs said.

Of course, everyone’s favorite aspects of Christmas will be different, but one girl had her own thoughts about it.

“Just hang out with the family and eat,” he said, followed by a laugh.

A sentiment that many tend to agree with.

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