Wheat research priorities set for the next five years

The next set of priorities will focus on improving wheat yield, crop environment interactions, cropping systems sustainability, continuous improvement in food safety, and customer quality. This edition includes the launch of a new theme of nutrition, according to Zuzak.

“The addition of nutrition research in the priorities report really showcases the vision and leadership of the working groups. Having wheat nutrition included puts a focus on the importance of wheat, the original plant-based protein, in one’s diet,” she said.

The National Wheat Research Priorities serves as a tool to communicate and link market signals with industry opportunities and research goals and objectives, while still recognizing the importance of regional differences.

Participants from across the value chain have been involved in the process since the inaugural report was released in 2016. Divided into working groups, they determine the outcomes, key targets, and commitments to the industry. This year, a sixth working group was formed to focus on the new theme of wheat nutrition.

Zuzak said wheat continues to be an important crop for farmers, the economy, and the global food supply.

“Providing direction on research, we’ll continue to focus on wheat’s contribution to Canada’s role in sustainable agriculture, economic growth and nutritious products for Canadians and our global customers,” she said.

Canadian wheat is exported to over 70 countries and contributes over $9 billion to the economy. Domestically, Canadian wheat is used for food, animal feed, and fuel.

The full report is available on the Cereals Canada website.


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