When is Popeyes selling its fried chicken for 59 cents?

WITH inflation and notorious gas prices, saving money on food can be a great life hack right now.

To celebrate Popeyes’ 50th anniversary, the fast-food icon will sell its fried chicken for only 59 cents starting on June 12, 2022.

Louisiana was the first state to open Popeyes back in 1972


Louisiana was the first state to open Popeyes back in 1972Credit: Getty Images

When did Popeyes first open?

Popeyes opened its first location on June 12, 1972, in Arabi, Louisiana, making this year its 50th anniversary.

The fast-food chain started off with the name “Chicken on the Run,” but quickly changed it to Popeyes Mighty Good Chicken just four days later.

After three years of running the chicken business, the company finally renamed it Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken.

By 1985, Popeyes already had 500 locations throughout the US and Canada.

Outside of the US, Popeyes is now located in more than 30 countries internationally.

When does the 59 cent promotion start and end?

To reminiscence, the start of its business and the atmosphere, Popeyes will begin selling its signature bone-in fried chicken for 59 cents, which was the price back in 1972.

The deal will begin on June 12 and continue through June 19.

Customers are required to spend a minimum of $5 through the Popeyes app or the website to be granted the promotion.

What is included in the deal?

The promotion will include two pieces of the signature bone-in fried chicken.

To continue celebrating its whopping 50th anniversary, Popeyes plans on doing more deals throughout the month of June.

“The Popeyes brand’s Louisiana roots and bold Cajun flavors have allowed the brand to stand apart, while staying true to values ​​and recipes have allowed their iconic products to stand the test of time,” shared Popeyes to Thrillist.

“This includes culinary traditions like hand battering, hand breading, and 12-hour marination all to create that one of a kind crunch found on their flagship chicken. This commitment to quality chicken takes love,” continued Popeyes.

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