Whitchurch: Truckers gather at rugby club for annual festival

TRUCKERS and truck enthusiasts gathered in Whitchurch at the weekend as the town held the annual Ultimate Trucks Whitchurch event.

The family-friendly truck show was held at Whitchurch Rugby Club, in Edgeley Road, on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12 and many people turned out to admire the large vehicles on show in the field.

Katie Nagington from Show Motions which put on the event was pleased with the turnout and felt it was good for the haulage industry.

She said: “Every year we have had it, it has just got bigger and better. We are just trying to make it a very family show and give something for everybody to do.

“With Covid-19, they did so much for us and they do so much for us throughout the year.

“You have to think how food gets here, resources and materials.

“These lorries, they haul so much different stuff. It is just a chance for them to come together with groups and friends.”

One truck parked in the field belongs to the HGV driver training company Dulson Training, and instructor Austen Jones said the company had been busy recently with learner drivers.

Whitchurch Herald: Austen Jones.Austen Jones.

He explained: “We are flat out at the moment, it is just constant. We have got lots of people coming through from big national companies.

“We are training their drivers, they are doing warehouse to wheels. We are training some of the new examiners.”

Austen said it was good for the industry.

He added: “For a long time truck drivers have been getting older and older.

“For a lot of the companies I worked for I was the youngest driver. Even when I was in my forties, I was still the youngest driver.”

Austen said he liked the feeling of freedom when being on the road.

He explained: “I used to love it, just being away.

Whitchurch Herald: Trucks parked at the rugby clubTrucks parked at the rugby club

“You are always up against the clock to a certain extent but if you want to stop for a cup of tea, you stop for a cup of tea.

“You are not restricted to certain times.”

The industry has been affected by the rise in fuel prices and Austen said the Government would have to step in.

He added: “The Government are going to have to step in at some point.

“As far as the transport side is concerned, I had my own business before I went to Canada and you would always try and absorb some of it.

“But you get to the point where you cannot absorb it and pass it on to the customer.

“Because otherwise it is unsustainable.”

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