Woman Shares Video ‘Complaining’ About Food She Got At A Food Bank

A woman named Brenna O’Hara (@brennaohara) on TikTok received backlash online after she posted a video to the social media platform showing off the haul she had gotten from the food bank.

In the video, she records a man who is grabbing things from their reusable bags and handing them to the woman, who practically reviews each individual item as it is handed to her.

O’Hara complains about nearly every item that she received from the food bank.

After being reposted to the subreddit “r/facepalm,” the clip instantly went viral for O’Hara’s despicable behavior toward the food she opted to receive.

Although her account was deleted from TikTok, the video remained on Reddit where several thousands of people commented on the situation.

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The video started with O’Hnow checking out a can of mixed vegetables, apparently purchased from a Canadian grocery store.


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